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Zip Up PJ Tips

Zip Up Pj Tips - Parenting - 2024

Baby PJ with Zips Vs Snaps – Its the way to go – Don’t go for anything else – You won’t regret it!

Originally posted 2021-02-19 17:28:44.


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  1. Pro tip have one or two sets of snap PJ’s incase your baby ends up in the hospital. The tubing can be fed through the holes between the snaps. But yes have the rest be zippers.

  2. My absolute favourite PJs are Zippy Jams because not only do they have a zip from neck to foot, they also have a crotch zip! I can just unzip their butt to change them.

  3. Bend the knee!
    I hate zippers because that right leg won’t bend enough to go back in at 4am. With snaps I only have to undo 3-4 on each side not the whole dang thing. And who wants a open top on their baby in the winter, brrr.

  4. I thought I had learned this lesson well from my first child, so when I found out I was having multiples the second time around I bought zippered pajamas for all of them well in advance to take advantage of thrift store sales. And then one of them was born with clubfoot and can’t wear them. Snaps exist for a reason!

  5. Till you’re tired and the screams of the 7 hells echo through the house because you’ve just zipped your baby into his zipper – I can confirm

    For those mums that don’t know , there’s always a coloured popper where the legs meet the torso to show you where the leg bits end :p

  6. i read this while pregnant and am sooooo glad i didn’t only get zip ups bc fuck those. i hate feeling like i’m gonna break her leg getting it back into the side w out the zipper. snaps for the win!!

  7. When I was pregnant I was OBSESSED with finding zip up baby jammies (they’re really unusual in the UK). Got massively stressed that most of my baby’s clothes are snaps. You know what? It’s not a big deal. It’s nothing like as bad or as annoying as I’d imagined.

    Baby nightgowns with open bottoms though? Those bad boys are game changers. Love them.

  8. Why you’re wrong:

    1. With snaps, you don’t have to completely expose your baby to change a diaper. You just have to undo a few snaps, fold the leg up (not sideways, so you don’t have to undo all the snaps down to the foot) and then a quick change and snap up the few snaps.

    2. For babies that that need medical equipment that involves tubes and wires, snaps are a must!

    3. Fat thighs? How about we squeeze and squish until we just barely get it zipped up and it’s stretched unevenly across/up into the diaper. LEAKS!

  9. The worst are the ones with snaps on the inside of the legs and then you have to try and match them to right snap part in the dark at 4am! There have been times I just left it hanging open like a kilt!

  10. My mom bought us a bunch of baby night gowns and said she made us live in them til we could crawl.

    I don’t like them for going out, but around the house they are great. No fasteners at all! Just pull them up to change diapers, long enough when you pull them back down to keep feet warm.

  11. Zippers all the way, I have the most active 9 month old. CHANGING HER IS HELL WITH BUTTONS, she crawls away constantly and she never stays still while changing. EVEN DOING 3 BUTTONS ON HER ONSIE IS A CHALLENGE. So yeah, fuck buttons.

  12. I like the new “double zipper” ones so you can zip up from the leg to check the diaper without unzipping near their arms! I can’t believe they didn’t have those for my other kid 3 years ago

  13. My daughter is 17 months and we’re team ‘T-shirt & diaper’ at the moment. I can probably get her in a dress but got forbid I put something over her legs. Little miss fussy pants.

  14. It’s seems like I’m the only one that staunchly disagrees with this.

    I find the snaps so much easier. I think it’s way easier to check if the diaper is wet/poopy without unzipping the whole thing. And I don’t have to fight the leg in/out.

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