&Quot;I Dreamt About This Turkey Sandwich For About 9 Months.⁣
It’s All I Wanted Th...

Your First Post Labour Meal

Your First Post Labour Meal - Pregnancy - 2024
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I dreamt about this turkey sandwich for about 9 months.⁣

It’s all I wanted throughout my pregnancy, probably because it was one of the things I couldn’t have. I ate a ton of veggie subs over the last 9 months, but what I REALLY wanted was a turkey sandwich on wheat bread with cheese, tomato + mayo🥪.⁣

So after 16 hours of not eating during my labour, here I am in my first moments as a mother. I’m feeding Bohdi, and Braden is feeding me my well-deserved turkey sandwich 💙

Mamas, what was your first post labour meal )or if preggers, what is it going to be)?

Let us know in our comments below,

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  1. There is a reason you should not eat those things during pregnancy. They are not good for you. You should not eat them when you feed the baby or ever really but…that’s our ‘culture’

  2. America has do many ridiculous rules. Japanese culture eats fish all throughout pregnancy and they have the smartest, healthiest, and longest living people. All you have to do it heat the meat up to kill the bacteria.

  3. I know that I ain’t waiting 9 months to eat one is my fav sand which was and by far only thing I can stomach was that during morning sickness these old myths need to rot in hell because they are just dumb .. as grandma would put it those doctors don’t know shit

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