Have You Ever Felt Like It Was You + Baby Vs The World?

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Have you ever felt like it was YOU + BABY vs the WORLD?

Have You Ever Felt Like It Was You + Baby Vs The World? - Infographic - 2024
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Have you ever felt like it was YOU + BABY vs the WORLD?

It’s natural to feel super protective those first few weeks (and even months) postpartum.

After all, it is mostly mommy and baby together 24/7: getting to know each other, feeding, bonding and just experiencing the range of normal emotional attachment after approximately 9 months of being physically attached via utero.

Sometimes, this beautiful mama + baby bond can add to that feeling of it being the two of you against the world. Sometimes it can manifest as overprotectiveness and anxiety😬, shown to anyone else around, even your partner.

These feelings can be very normal early on (but can also spiral). It takes time to get into a rhythm and begin to see others as capable. For some, it can take a little more time.

What you should remember, is that your feelings matter. You know your baby well, and WHY you feel a certain way. So if you need more time to adjust, so be it. Motherhood is a learning process.

You’ll learn that after the basics are covered (baby is well, the baby is safe and baby is happy), you don’t have to worry as much, and can take as much support as you need!

If you struggled with this feeling early on, what helped you open up to others around you?

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  1. I think this is exactly what I’m feeling these days. I’m anxious and overprotective to the point that I don’t sleep and I don’t even ask for help because I think I know my baby best. I found out that he has reflux and cmpa and I really hope I’d be able to breathe a sigh of relief in the coming months when the reflux goes away. Your post gave me some hope!

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