Worthless Men Nipples

Worthless Men Nipples - Parenting - 2024

Worthless Men Nipples 不

Originally posted 2021-01-02 02:04:55.


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  1. I do feedings in the nursery specifically so I dont have to see him hoping it cuts back on the resentment because I know its not his fault but I also just cant help but fell that way.

  2. They’re not useless, they’re decorative! The christmas tree isn’t useless, it brings joy! so do my nipples!

    but seriously, thanks for waking up to feed the baby. us men will just sit over here with out decorative nipples, looking pretty

  3. My husband very VERY RARELY snores, which is important because I really value my sleep. Somehow it seems like the only time he snores is a few cute ones while I’m nursing to just rub in how well he’s sleeping.

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