Why Shouldn’t I?
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Why shouldn’t I?

Why Shouldn’t I? - Parenting - 2023

Why shouldn’t I?

Originally posted 2021-02-19 21:36:33.


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  1. My son has tried dirt, rocks, and cat food on multiple occasions. Picky as hell though when it comes to real food. Cheese? Best be that fresh mozzarella that’s like a dollar a piece. Salmon? Better not even be slightly undercooked or overcooked. Oatmeal? Has to be the perfect consistency AND temperature or he’ll refuse. Even something like Guinness stew…he doesn’t like it when I use cheaper cuts of meat. I over-steamed his egg custard a bit a few months back and I still can’t get him to try eggs again unless it’s egg pieces in his fried rice. 😭

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