Are You Struggling To Manage The New Mom Loneliness?

Many Of You Are Having A Tough Time Managing The Loneliness These Days  Especially With The Adde...
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10 Reasons Why postpartum Can Make You Feel So Lonely

10 Reasons Why Postpartum Can Make You Feel So Lonely - Postpartum - 2023

Are you struggling to manage the new mom loneliness?

Many of you are having a tough time managing the loneliness these days 😔 especially with the added isolation during the pandemic.

It’s normal for major life changes to cause feelings of loneliness and disconnection. However, not many talk about how isolating having a new baby can be.

And there are MANY contributing factors.

💙 Physical recovery from birth — because it takes time to heal and feel like yourself again.
💙 Caring for a newborn around the clock — means limited time.
💙 Avoiding large groups and interactions until the baby’s immune system is more developed.
💙 The after-birth hormones and adjustments contribute to your mixed emotions.
💙 Breastfeeding/pumping can take time to master and come with the isolation of being the only one able to feed the baby.
💙 Changes in your routine make it hard to just carry on with the socialization you did pre-baby.
💙 The shift in identity as you take on your new motherly role can have you re-evaluating your priorities.
💙 You’re too exhausted to socialize, and would rather just sleep.
💙 The lack of a social group or support system in place.
💙 You’re just trying to stay safe and social distance as much as you can.

These are all real reasons that can add to the isolation and loneliness.

And it’s not always a quick fix. Sometimes, it simply takes time. Other times it’s really about preparing and having a system in place

💬If you’re struggling with new mom loneliness what has been the hardest?

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  1. My baby is now 5mo, I was a career woman in a new relationship who fell pregnant at 39yo. Moved house twice in past 6mo, in with my partner then out when my son was 4mo old. Recovery from emergency c section to boot. Now a single mum, with a good support network but adjusting to new existence of being alone every night as I feed and get him to settle is tough and navigating getting back to work with a baby who won’t take a bottle.
    My life changer in past month has been my baby carrier, I now go on 3 walks a day 5-7km daily, it helps my brain, endorphins, my boy loves it and puts him to sleep every time. I would be in a deep depression without the walks.

  2. My baby is now 4months and my older son is 7 yrs so it is a rather big age gap. Not only had I forgotten what it was like to have a baby, I forgot about the postnatal, hormones, somedays I get depressed over little things such as I dont have as much time for my older son. And haven’t been able to do much hands on activities for him like we used to. Sometimes I literally feel like I’m always stuck at the home. And always exhausted.🙀 I plan to meet friends that I haven’t seen for a while and it always seems to fall through I either forget the planned date or am just to tired when it comes to the time.

  3. For me this is such a hard time. My husband and I are so far from our families. We are all alone stuck in an apartment. We do not accept any visitors and we don’t go out either. Because we think if we get sick who will take care of baby. We have facetime calls . My parents and sisiters call once or twice in a week, talk for 15 min and usually baby cries and ends sooner. My father in law calls every day!!! He is like living with us . He know what we do every day. They talk for two hours. He calls to see baby but after 5 min they talk about other things and when baby cries i am called to take her. This is such a hard time for me and this is adding to it. I dont know what to do

  4. I’m struggling we have a 2 month old baby my husband is in ICU and my mother inlaw isn’t here and not reliable enough my family is from another country and I’m just home by myself please pray for my husband I don’t even know if we will have Thanksgiving for the first time with our baby

  5. I believe one of my toughest issue is my daughter is VERY attached to ME, she will hardly even go to her daddy. Whenever we are around other people, she is basically static clung (real word? I’m not sure heh) to my body. This is my third baby and I’ve struggled with postpartum each time, however all of this isolation has caused me to stay in it longer….. I’m eight months postpartum, attempting to potty train my very stubborn almost four year old and my first grader is virtual this semester. Aaaaaaaah! Each day is a real struggle but somehow I keep going.

  6. Definitely the sleep 🥱 He’s a month old and I haven’t got any sleep since i was 8 months pregnant. I never knew a baby could eat SO MUCH 😫 He’s gonna be a big boy with a mom at 5’11 and a daddy at 6’3 lol Already prepping 💜

  7. This is what I am so afraid of! My baby girl is due in 4 days; I have an amazing support system & a loving husband that will do anything for my comfort so I am very blessed on that end. But I am also worried about limiting interactions with her first time grandparents, my body change/identity change etc.

  8. And everyone seems to forget about the pandemic when the baby is born. Everyone wants to visit, sit, eat, talk for hours, DEMAND videocalls… I never had so much people around the house and I’m finding it difficult to say no. Even with covid. I wonder how would it be without a pandemic.

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