The Newborn Smell Is Intoxicating - Literally! ⁠⁠
Studies Show That Smelling A Newborn Releases Dopamine, The Feel-Good Hormone (Also Released Durin...

Why Do New Born Babies Smell So Good?

Why Do New Born Babies Smell So Good? - Pregnancy - 2023

The newborn smell is intoxicating – literally! ⁠⁠

Studies show that smelling a newborn releases dopamine, the feel-good hormone (also released during drug use that keeps you coming back for more), in your brain. This release is even stronger when smelling your own baby, or if you’ve had other babies before.💛👶🏿💛⁠

Researchers believe the newborn smell evolved to ignites change in the parents to want to care for the newborn, which helps protect the newborn in those early days. 👶🏼⁠

Smell👃🏼 is the strongest sense linked to memory. Whenever you smell a newborn it will likely take you back to memories of your own children or other newborns you’ve been close with. ⁠

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