Why am I so angry at my partner all the time? Why do I so quickly snap at my partner?

Why am I so angry at my partner all the time? Why do I so quickly snap at my partner?⁠
These are some of the questions I get in therapy. Here’s what I’ve found in my work with new parents:⁠
Moms often feel like SO much has changed for them and little has changed for their partner. ⁠

Moms tell me that their: identity has shifted, body has changed, hormones are all over the place, libido is different (perhaps nonexistent), responsibilities are piling up, and that they take on a majority of the load. Does this sound familiar?⁠

A lot of this goes unspoken, or may not feel like it’s being received appropriately. This results in anger, frustration, and resentment. New parents may feel distant and dissatisfied in their relationship.⁠. @psychedmommy

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1 month ago

Yup, currently seething in anger. I’d like to stop, but it just keeps rising.

1 month ago


1 month ago


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