Who Can Relate?   

Who can relate? …… …

Who Can Relate? ...... ... - Pregnancy - 2023

Who can relate? 😫😫

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  1. Haaaaaaaa😆
    My kids are back from college. Clothes everywhere. My daughters cat is pooping in a plant (why!) They ask for breakfast lunch and dinner instead of making it themselves. And they are 19 and 22!! Kids are for life. So is the trouble. Relax.. it doesn’t need to be perfect..

  2. And one day you’ll wake up and it will all be over and you’ll feel lonely. Embrace what you’ve got now. ❤️

  3. Yet noone talks about making the load even for mothers and fathers…. Or the fact that women now work outside the house more and still do mostly all house and childcare work. Come on women, stand up for yourselves, stop accepting the status quo and being a martyr.

  4. Yes, someday you will wake up 34 years later, like I will 1 week from today – and you will move your last baby into her college dorm room, and suddenly your heart will ache and long for the days of chaos, sticky fingerprints, popsicle grins, and those tiny arms around your neck hugging you, and those sweet kisses. But they will be adults with their own lives and families of their own. And they will still be your babies but they won’t need you as much because you did your job and you did it well, Mama. Then come the sweet grandbabies and you get to start all over. 🙂

  5. I live with my husband and with my dad both r super OCD and im expecting baby number 2, im scared I won’t do my house chores when the baby comes and the house will be a disaster and the 2 men in my life won’t know how to deal with a messy house 😩😭

  6. If you really jest complaining and seeing just negatives just don’t have babies. Our mums and grandparents didn’t even had half of what we have now. And they were having more then one baby and were taking care of a house. So please, stop complaining. Be happy you can have those cute merciless

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