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When you’re eating for two you’re likely eating more than you usually would

When You’re Eating For Two You’re Likely Eating More Than You Usually Would - Pregnancy - 2022

When you’re eating for two you’re likely eating more than you usually would.

What have been your favourite pregnancy foods so far?🍔🍫 Let us know below👍

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Originally posted 2021-03-03 14:32:02.

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  1. Wine and cheese? Girl your child deserves a great start to life. Don’t disrupt their delicate brains development with alcohol while pregnant

  2. Who knows if she actually ate this stuff you don’t so shut up all y’all judgmental ass people it’s a fucking picture she could be having a goddamn lunch with her friends and the other food and wine and stuff is for them mind ya damn business

  3. What a lame pic. Why do I feel pregnant women can’t stay simple always trying to do something on social media to stand out. Pregnancy is beautiful not always a damn photo op

  4. Yeah nah this photo is not ok, it’s one thing to want to make your own decision but and other to promote a behavior that can potentially lead to issues for the baby and the mama….

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