When your 7 week old spits out their pacifier for the hundredth time and it’s 4 am

When Your 7 Week Old Spits Out Their Pacifier For The Hundredth Time And It’s 4 Am - Parenting - 2022

When your 7 week old spits out their pacifier for the hundredth time and it’s 4 am

Originally posted 2020-12-23 17:48:16.


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  1. MAM pacifiers were the only ones my son would take, still are really, but now he’s almost 4 months old and those hands reach right up to yank the pacifier out. Then I’m the bad guy, I get a glare and a scream like I’m the one who took it from him. Other times he immediately shoves his entire fist in his mouth. If he’s tired enough he leaves it alone and it just falls out while he’s sleeping. He goes down without it but if he wakes up in between feedings (and doesn’t want to eat or doesn’t need changed) and just wants to babble at us or play, we pop the pacifier in and let him talk himself to sleep until we’ve gotta wake him to eat next

  2. Haha! I remember those days.
    I use nanobebe pacifiers but, now at 6 months, she doesn’t really need to use it. But I love that it’s silicone all over and sometimes she chews on it and can put it in and out of her mouth on her own. 🙂

  3. Neither of my kids accepted pacifiers after the first couple weeks. Sometimes it’s easier just to accept the inevitable and get rid of it. They will eventually learn different cues for going to sleep (for my younger son it’s nursing in quiet dark bedroom).

  4. The best thing I did was switch out the green soothie on baby’s wubanub and replace it with the thicker pink soothie. She switched to her thumb within the week. Didn’t make the switch until 6 months, should have switched way sooner.

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