When You Hear The Word  , What Are Thinking Of ?   
⁣ :  ⁣

When you hear the word , what are thinking of ? ⁣ : ⁣ ….

When You Hear The Word , What Are Thinking Of ? ⁣ : ⁣
.... - Pregnancy - 2023

When you hear the word , what are thinking of ?
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  1. As a first time mom, I wanted something better to my baby. I didn’t want to fear labor, but to welcome it. Affirmations like I trust my body and my baby through a technique called hypnobirthing did wonders. They call contractions surges and with each surge, I am closer to meeting my baby. Support from my husband as well, without him, I don’t know that I could’ve gone through labor unmedicated. Fear causes tension in your body which then creates more pain. Learning to relax, trust your body and welcome the process will make labor less intense and will make you feel less fearful.

  2. Getting prepped for my second natural unmedicated labor… definitely more trepidation this time thinking about reliving the pain but remembering that my body was made for this and the biggest part is working with baby and knowing it’s purposeful and comes to an end with the most amazing prize, baby in my arms!! ❤️❤️❤️ Good luck to all you other expecting mamas, you can do it!!

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