When The Nurse Shows You The Placenta

When The Nurse Shows You The Placenta


When The Nurse Shows You The Placenta
When The Nurse Shows You The Placenta Meme


Placentas are amazing. I mean, women literally grow and trash an entire organ. Like WHATTT??? So cool.

They also look a little weird. They have lots of veins and textures.

It’s worth a look, though, so you can decide for yourself!

Originally posted 2021-05-11 06:55:00.

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  1. I have done animal husbandry the majority of my life. I have looked over MANY placentas. However, I hate when animals eat them… I want to gag. I don’t want to see mine, and I most definitely do not want to eat mine. Get rid of it, it’s job is done.

  2. They knew better when my daughter was crowning i asked if she had hair and they said they could get me a mirror if i wanted and mid push i said hell no lol.

  3. I asked to look at mine! But it was the ugly side that attaches to the uterus….I didn’t want to be bothersome and ask someone to flip it 😂😂

  4. I think the placenta is an incredible organ. My husband – after I recently birthed our second son – told me: Woah, your placenta was huuuuge! — and it made me laugh.

  5. I made my boyfriend take pictures but I was so fascinated by it 😂

  6. Nice comparison that it’s a whole organ. So true. Though, I’m not really fascinated by organs out of my body. What is inside should belong to inside, if it doesn’t have a function – chuck it away😂

  7. My husbands face when she said “would you like to keep your placenta?”

  8. Amazing but HARD PASS. I was traumatized after watching a birthing video in 9th grade health class 🙈

  9. My nurse was so annoyed because I asked to see it… my boy had a marginal cord insertion so I wanted to see!

  10. Team amazing all the way. I didn’t see my oldest’s placenta but was 100% fascinated by #2’s.

  11. Placentas are so cool! I was 7 when my mom had a home birth, so after I watched my brother be born, the midwife showed me the placenta and I got to examine it for a bit. It was a memorable experience and such a gift my parents gave me to help me be curious and awed by our amazing bodies, rather than squeamish! (No shade on anyone who’s squeamish about a placenta lol)

  12. My wife didn’t want to look and asked me to describe it. I told her it looked like an octopus head 😂😂 the OB chuckled. 🐙

  13. I was SO disappointed I didn’t get to see mine after my first but they were a little pre ocupided with my infection and. 102 fever. I was so excited when the midwife asked if I wanted to see

  14. Team placenta all the way! Supposed to help with PPD! I’m gonna eat it in capsule form

  15. Team placentas are amazing but I don’t wanna ingest them! 😂😂