When The Baby Spits Up Breast Milk &Amp; I Have Low Production As Is Is...

When the baby spits up breast milk & I have low production as is is…

When The Baby Spits Up Breast Milk &Amp; I Have Low Production As Is Is... - Parenting - 2023

When the baby spits up breast milk & I have low production as is is…

Originally posted 2021-01-02 19:03:34.


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  1. One time when my son was a couple of months old he spat up on the floor and my cousin’s dog ate it right up. So there are two creatures I have nourished with my body.

  2. Aww! So sorry! It’s so frustrating!!!

    I was preemie and my mom used to drive to the hospital every 2 hours to feed me (luckily only a 15 minute drive, but middle of the night too!) and then when I was home I would so routinely spit up that she literally fed me in the bathroom just so she could hold me over the tub! I have no idea how she did not smother me, especially since the workload was such that my dad literally never changed a diaper in his whole life. Her retelling me these stories is her late revenge, I suppose.

  3. I have ppa and it centers around how much the moose (his nickname, not a real moose) is eating. Is he eating enough, too much, etc. I’m not having issues with milk supply but I constantly worry that one day I’ll dry up, so when the moose spits it up after eating I feel so defeated. Like listen little babe, I’m trying to give you what you want and you literally just spit it back in my face, I’m now going to cry in the shower. Ppa sucks.

  4. I used to think my baby spit up his whole feed too but then I saw online somewhere if you take 2 teaspoons and pour it out on a burp rag or onesie….it fills up so much space and looks like soo much more than 2 teaspoons. So what I’m saying is, your baby is likely not spitting up as much as it looks like! It can be super frustrating though!

  5. I mostly pump besides the rare times my son will latch (he’s 3 weeks old- hates latching since day 1, we went through a lot till I got a pump because it was miserable) but is mostly formula fed because of extreme low supply all of the sudden. But he throws up my breastmilk every time, his grandma (dads side, my mom is great) acted like I poisoned him because he threw up. You’d think a mom of three kids would know babies throw up 😬 thinking about knocking breast milk out because of the throwing up, he loves formula. Breast milk is hit or miss.

  6. I’m exclusively pumping (not by choice, she just won’t latch). I have an issue with undersupply. I fed her a bottle and she still seemed hungry. My husband poured out another 100ml bottle (she is 5 weeks old).

    She drunk next to none of it.

    I nearly killed him.

  7. I am basically exclusively pumping right now and I also feel this way when I put too much in the bottle and he doesn’t eat it all. Obviously I won’t force it on him but I’m like, man there goes 10 min of pumping down the drain.

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