I Could Have Retaken This Photo With My Giant Belly Now Hah But Y’all Get The Point 
Posted This Last Year And Yeah...i Think Most Of You Guys Agree...

When Is It OK To Ask A Random Pregnant Lady When She Is Due?

When Is It Ok To Ask A Random Pregnant Lady When She Is Due? - Pregnancy - 2023

I could have retaken this photo with my giant belly now HAH but y’all get the point 🤣

Posted this last year and yeah…I think most of you guys agree me! Hah! ⁣

Soooo basically, NEVER…hah, don’t assume ANYONE is pregnant even if they are OBVIOUSLY pregnant unless you are 1 billion percent sure that there is a baby in there!!⁣

*im pregnant guys tho it’s ok to ask me when I’m due!* Aug 7th btw, getting close! 😍⁣

I once had a patient when I worked in the ED who actually had a very large uterine tumor-she LOOKED 8 months pregnant, but she was definitely NOT!⁣

And *bless you* if you ask someone when they are due if they are holding a newborn baby…😑⁣

Just a friendly PSA for today! 🤪 🤰 @mommy.labornurse

Originally posted 2021-03-03 06:51:52.


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  1. I had a rude ass table (I’m a server also 25wks) ask me “what did I just have a baby or something?” I wanted to slap him.

  2. One time a guy asked when I was due I told him I wasnt pregnant….i.started crying in the elevator at the mall which i never go to because of being so insecure…reasons i hate going out in public

  3. i don’t mind it tho, except for bottom right
    but i guess some people kind of don’t know that the tummy doesn’t immediately gets flat as soon as the baby’s out, it takes days, weeks or for some even months, depending on the woman and her body

  4. Im 9 months pregnant but when i was like 7/8 months ppl would ask me and all though it was obvious I would still get sad bc im like “well fuck now i know im a big big girl”🥺

  5. Olá quer aprender a se maquiar e não sabe como?? Eu vou te ensinar, basta seguir o meu perfil! Sou maquiadora profissional e criei esse perfil pra expor o meu trabalho e ajudar você que morre de vontade de aprender a se maquiar mas não sabe por onde começar, corre lá que no decorrer dos dias irei postar muitas dicas que vão te ajudar e vão tornar a maquiagem algo simples pra te.

  6. My baby of 3 weeks had a CT scan. The dokter asked me if i was pregnant. I asked him how? Later that Day i picked up his medication and got the same qeustion. But when i was pregnant i loved awnsering 😉

  7. A lady literally saw me on my way to the NICU to see my newborn son and said I must be having my baby soon…… I wanted to cry.

  8. FIXED IT. First Trimester – No, Second Trimester – Maybe, Third Trimester – GO FOR IT. Holding a new born – ABSOLUTELY NOT

  9. I personally couldn’t disagree more. I love when people ask me! It always leads to a good conversation and excitement on both ends.

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