When Baby Bites The Boob

When baby bites the boob

When Baby Bites The Boob - Parenting - 2024

Yes we know it’s silly but I’m sure some moms can relate when baby bites the boob! 🤣😵

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  1. My baby was a biter from day 1. At 13 months she had teeth, and bit my finger and drew blood. I made the choice to stop nursing right at that moment. (She was combo fed so thankfully it was an easy transition.)

  2. OMG hilarious.

    The night we brought my son home from the hospital, I was nursing him overnight and he latched a few millimeters off and I had this awful hickey/bruise. I woke up my husband and asked him to get me an ice pack. He said “okay” and went back to bed. I woke him up again, he got out of bed, walked down the stairs, walked back up the stairs, got back in bed, and went to sleep. So I got my own ice pack. The next morning he asked, “why is there an ice pack in our bed?” That first week is hard! So are all the other weeks lol but there’s nothing like that first week.

  3. My lil guy bites hard and bites frequently since he got his front tops in. I think his teeth are sharper than his older siblings were. I have to check to make sure my nipples are still there. I severely regret letting him wean from the pacifier early.

  4. So my baby and I shower together. Like, I can’t have a shower without her crying at the door wanting in with me. And now that I don’t breastfeed anymore often while I’m getting her toweled off and dressed after a shower she grabs my nipples and twists them. Why, baby?! WHY!?!

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