What To Expect In Your Third Trimester

What To Expect In Your Third Trimester

What To Expect In Your Third Trimester

So you can expect a lot of changes to your body in the third trimester and many of these will suck!

During your third (and final) trimester, you can expect:

  • your body is gonna hurt,⁣
  • your boobs might leak and ache,⁣
  • you’re gonna sleep a lot less, ⁣
  • but be more tired,⁣
  • it’s gonna be hard to walk,⁣
  • you’ll be in the bathroom a lot,⁣
  • eating anything will cause heartburn,⁣
  • and more fun stuff!⁣

But it’ll all be worth it once your baby is in your arms, which will be very soon!!! 😍⁣


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  1. Of course every pregnancy is different. In my third trimester I didn’t have leaky boobs, much swelling on my face or heartburn. But I was super tired, with a weird ear popping and some morning sickness returned

  2. Shortness of breath is so real, it sometimes happens to me when I’m reading or singing to my toddler 😂 didn’t think baby sister would start making things tougher this long before d day lol

  3. Yas to the shortness of breath! I’m winded with just normal walking with all the weight in the mid section and compression of my diaphragm. Yoga sure does help but man

  4. The third trimester also takes 2 years 😂. I’m 3 weeks post partum and forgot how long those last weeks seem to take lol

  5. Haha I’m hitting my 3rd trimester this week so great timing! Thanks, Claire and the New Moms Forum team for this! 🤗

  6. Im having Lightning crotch in the rectum! New this pregnancy always in the vagina with previous pregnancies 😂

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