What To Eat During Pregnancy To Avoid Gaining Excess Weight - Prenatal Workouts Videos - 2024

What to Eat During Pregnancy to Avoid Gaining Excess Weight

Ashley’s 12 Week Post Pregnancy Plan. Designed specifically for fit women to help you LOSE your baby weight + quickly and effectively flatten your lower stomach postpartum


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  1. Great video! 7 weeks pregnant and I have not been eating week bc I’ve been nauseous. Good reminder of what I need to focus on. Any suggestions of what else to eat for egg nutrient replacement? I don’t eat eggs.

  2. I got preeclampsia at the end of my first pregnancy so ended up bloating up when I had a really healthy weight throughout my pregnancy and I still didn't get the chance to fully remove the weight along with fix the diastasis recti issue by the time by baby was 18 months and am now pregnant with baby no.2 so this was perfect for me. I've always been a healthy eater anyways so this helps me know i'm eating the right things and along with your amazing workout videos i'm hoping to not gain anymore weight during this pregnancy other than what is necessary of course. Thanks for your videos they really help!

  3. It's like I'm hungry all of the time and I'm always craving something. At first it started with just craving fruits and carbs and now it's craving everything bad for me and I've tried meal prepping and snacking between meals on healthy stuff but then the cravings for sweets and salty food kicks in and I feel ravenous. It's really making me so sad and anxious dealing with this. I have to talk to my doctor but I'm still shy of 4 weeks until I can see him again and I'm just trying to find options and info to help me manage it until then. I'm so sad that I've gained almost 40lbs already and I'm only 24 weeks pregnant. :'( everything else has been nice but this food addiction is messing me up badly.

  4. This video rocks! I am just hitting my 16th week of my first pregnancy and I was worried I was not getting enough of the right foods. This was so helpful! Ao happy to hear I can keep eating my evening dessert😊 Also, the prenatal work out has kept me extremely motivated in the crazy time of quarantine. Thank you for sharing all of your insight.

  5. Thank you for sharing this! Quick question – if I can’t have eggs while pregnant because I’m still nursing my first who is allergic to eggs, is there another food that is comparable?

  6. Great insight! You are a huge encouragement and help! I am 2 days away from being 23 weeks pregnant with my 4th baby. I love how you desire to stay heathy but have balance. I feel the same way. Thank you for taking time for all these videos.

  7. So with my first child I ate really unhealthy foods and I sat on my butt for about 90% of the day. But I gained a normal amount of body weight with my first child. My second pregnancy I’ve been eating healthy, cooking at home, and eating small portions. I’m also extremely active with this pregnancy, I go for a hour walk a day with my dogs and son and also exercise. I’m also 80% of the day on my feet. However I’m gaining a lot of weight, idk where this weight is going because my butt, thighs, arms, and boobs really haven’t gotten much larger. My stomach is pretty big but not anything extreme. Idk what to do at this point because no matter how healthy and active I am the weight keeps on coming. The baby is at a normal weight as well 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ Idk what to do because every time I tell people this nobody can relate or give some advice. The doctors assume I’m just eating sugar but I really don’t the majority of my meals are salads with chicken and yogurt for dessert. The snacks I eat are raisins, fruit, or nuts

  8. I’m 17 weeks with baby #4 and I really hope to not gain much weight this pregnancy. I put on 80 with my first, 50+ with my second and 40 with my last one and you’d think by now it would be obvious to avoid junk food but it’s harder now for some reason lol. I’ve been exercising daily and now I need to eat right and I think I’ll be good. Thanks for the info and food ideas!

  9. Hi I’m currently 23 weeks pregnant. I would like to see and try out the recipes available in your Lean Fast and Strong Capable Plan. Are the recipes available for purchase apart from the LFSC plan?

  10. As I watch this, I'm contemplating eating the leftover pizza in the fridge

    Edit: okay, so I had a slice of bread with an egg and baked beans instead. Could be healthier but I'm just so hungry after the gym and this was the quickest way

  11. A great combo from your suggestions is strawberry spinach salad! I like to add almonds with either a poppyseed dressing, or balsamic vinegar! Do you have an updated video from this pregnancy on what you've been eating?

  12. Thank you! I love smoothies for breakfast maybe once or twice a week, but need to eat a bagel or something with it in order to not feel starving in an hour or 2. I have a vegan friend that does mainly juices for breakfast & lunch. I just don't understand how she's not completely starving.

  13. Omg Im eating pizza for the second time and watching this and feeling so bad I don’t have the strength to give up unhealthy habits as I’ll lose my job until delivery as soon as I declare pregnancy at work. And I had a smoothie this morning :/ being alone and pregnant is not easy lol

  14. Thanks for the tips! I'm 18 weeks now and trying to be healthy! Normally I love fish and eggs, but unfortunately they're aversions now so that sucks. But I've been eating lots of veggies, fruit, and lean meat. My first trimester I could barely eat anything and fruit made me throw up. But I could handle smoothies and veggies, so I ate as much of those as I could. Lost about 4 pounds, but am right on track now.

  15. Thank you Ashley for this information! I am 23.5 weeks pregnant with baby #1 and I found you through the run strong mama Instagram account. I am going to start your prenatal workouts today and look forward to your postpartum plan after baby is born. I am a triathlete as well (ok, took the last couple years off after doing an Ironman ;)) and really appreciate your perspective as a mom and as an athlete. Thanks for the tips and thanks so much for making these videos and for the free prenatal workouts!!

  16. I watched this just for kicks (not pregnant) because I love your LFSC program so much and was genuinely curious to hear more from you on nutrition. Although the video was obviously pregnancy focused, this gave me a lot of insight into your LFSC meal plan. I'm learning so much from your program- I would love to hear whatever other morsels of advice you have on nutrition!

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