Things That You Should Never Say To A Pregnant  Woman

Words Matter!! Words Real...
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What NOT to say to a Pregnant Mom

What Not To Say To A Pregnant Mom - Pregnancy - 2023
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What NOT to say to a Pregnant Mom

Words matter!! Words really matter and when you are expecting a baby it seems to matter more

So.. to the rest of the world .. mind the pregnant women and just think twice before to say any of these.

What didn’t you really like to hear while you have been pregnant?

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  1. Or saying during an office meeting, “oh look, her hands are swollen”……never wanted to drop kick someone out of a chair more in my entire life

  2. Absolutely. I couldn’t stand it how people loved to tell me how little sleep we’d have and how hard it would be. We are 7 months in, and we are not complaining about it for a single second, because it’s “our hard.” Its our choice and our family. Its the best, most wonderful and greatest hard ever and I wouldn’t change it!!

  3. I hate when people tell me “just wait itll get worse” when they ask me how I’m feeling….I know im 15 weeks..but my pregnancy is just as viable as anyone else’s. 😭

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