Amniotic Fluid - What Does It Do

What Is Amniotic Fluid?

Quick trivia question! ⁣ Do you know what amniotic fluid is composed of? Do you know what it does?⁣

(It’s ok if you don’t!)⁣ 😊

At first, amniotic fluid consists of water from your body, but gradually, the larger proportion is made up of the baby’s urine!⁣ That’s right, baby pees in utero, and then swallows/breathes back in that fluid, and then pees it back out.⁣Ewwww!

Amniotic Fluid Picture
A Baby Suspended In It’S Amniotic Fluid. Image Credit: Alila Medical Media / Shutterstock

As well as this fluid serving as a cushion for the growing fetus, it also serves to facilitate the exchange of nutrients, water, and biochemical products between momma and her baby.

Amniotic Fluid – What Else Does It Do?

The amniotic fluid serves a LOT of amazing benefits for the baby!⁣

  • It protects your baby from outside bumps/jolts (sort of like a cushion/shock absorber)⁣
  • It helps control your babies temperature.⁣
  • It contains antibodies to protect your baby from infection
  • It helps with lung and GI system development. By continuously breathing /swallowing amniotic fluid, baby practices using the muscles of these systems as they grow.
  • It helps with muscle and bone development, by allowing the baby to move around, growing those muscles! ⁣
  • It offers support and cushioning to the umbilical cord, by helping to prevent it from being compressed.⁣

Where does the Amniotic Fluid Go?

Either before or during labour, the amniotic sac will break, and the amniotic fluid will drain through the vagina, either gradually or in a sudden rush. This process is commonly known as when your ‘waters break’. The risk of infection increases after the amniotic sac breaks, so medical attention should be sought quickly afterwards.

Amniotic Fluid Video

If you’d prefer to watch a video – Check out this great video from “Today I found Out”

Pretty cool huh?? Do you have any other insights into Amniotic fluid?

Share them in our comments below. Image by @newmomsforum 👍

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  1. Hi, i am 39w4d now. This is my second pregnancy. My first pregnancy made me have to take C-section. And my 2nd pregnancy now has amniotic fluid is about <5 (4.8). Can I possible deliver my baby with VBAC?

  2. Hi! I just discovered your ig and have been reading every post…lol I am 31 weeks and have been told that I have too much amniotic fluid? Do you have any suggestions or tips for someone like me? Thanks in advance!

  3. Pretty cool until you have too much of it, get kicked out of your birthing center and hemorrhage after birth. 😂 #PolyhydramniosSurvivor

  4. Random question… so could drinking urine originate from the utero? Some rural places practice drinking urine? What are your thoughts? I even read applying you own urine on an insect bites , works.

  5. Please do this for PLACENTAS!!!! Then maybe when women find out exactly what their function is they will stop eating it!! 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

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