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“This is my motherhood. Overly tired from being up throughout the night with a teething baby. Boobs filled to the max and having to resort to pumping (on top of exclusively breastfeeding🤱🏻) Feeling uncomfortable in my own skin lately. All while Feeling overwhelmed by the house, work, My other little ones, marriage. The list goes on…😞⠀

And what do we normally do when we feel these emotions? We Suppress them. Covering them up like they don’t exist. I should know…I’ve done it many times out of fear of what others would think or say. Like, “ you’re lucky you can breastfeed” or “ you’re able to have children. Stop complaining” .⠀

I know I am blessed beyond measures! 🙌🏼I am so grateful for the life I was given… but that doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to feel what is going on today! It is my journey. And it is different from yours. .⠀

What you’re feeling right now… is justified! You’re allowed to feel. It’s not complaining. It’s not selfish. You are HUMAN! And I truly believe when we allow ourselves to feel those emotions. We are able to work through them… and our mental health it better for it! ❤️⠀

So know, it’s ok to feel today. Whatever that is. Because coming from this mama and many others…You are not judged for your struggles. You are strong for speaking out and changing the narrative for another. And especially for yourself. .⠀

What is something your battling with today? (Know you have this supporting community with you always)❤️”⠀

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  1. We are strong and we can do it not matter if we are tired or depressed or overwhelmed.. i had my 2nd baby and still suffering from low milk however at the end of every day I say alhamdullah with low supply she is satisfied and she healthy so people have ability to breastfeeding but they don’t. I love my baby and trying my best….❤️❤️❤️

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