Today, We Realize That Babies Are Listening And Engaging Their Senses While In The Womb. And That’s An Important Discovery Because It Means Babies-Und...
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What Do Baby’s Learn In The Womb?

What Do Baby'S Learn In The Womb? - Pregnancy - 2023

Today, we realize that babies are listening and engaging their senses while in the womb. And that’s an important discovery because it means babies-under-construction are already learning. Let’s look at how and what babies understand in the womb, what they remember after birth, and how this helps them in their new world. ⁣

Your baby will hear rumbly deep womb noises and your voice. There’s some suggestion that babies move in rhythm to your words. Babies actually remember words and stories heard while in the womb. ⁣

Research has shown that babies are getting their first lesson in languages while still in the womb. When a baby is only hours old, he can recognize speech-sounds from his mom’s native language. ⁣

It has been shown that a baby actually reaches out to his mother as she rubs her tummy.

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  1. I already know which are my baby’s favorite songs. She likes music with a strong presence of the bass. I also play nature sounds for her to listen and she responds with soft moves. She’s so intelligent and sensitive, I can’t wait for her to come out of my belly ❤️

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