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Ways To Test Your Relationship With Your Partner

Ways To Test Your Relationship With Your Partner - Pregnancy - 2021

“Am I right or am I right?? 😅⁣

Assuming you both make it past the first 2 points… You may then eventually make it to the impossible task of NAMING YOUR BABY!! ⁣

I thought we’d named him! I mean… We had a name!! We’ve even been referring to him as that name… Until a couple of nights ago Simon announces he doesn’t like it anymore 😂😭😭⁣

Arghhhh… Problem is, the more kids you have the smaller your name pool becomes. You’ve usually used your favourites and any you do like tend to already be taken by friends 🙈⁣

Sooooo…. Back to the drawing board we go 😂⁣

Text and Image Credit via @a_mothers_tale ⁣On Instagram

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