Vernix Caseosa – This Birthday Frosting Is Pretty Special

&Quot;Vernix Caseosa. Our Bodies Produce Some Pretty Magical Gunk, Especially During ...

Vernix Caseosa - This Birthday Frosting Is Pretty Special - Pregnancy - 2021

Our bodies produce some pretty magical gunk, especially during pregnancy + birth. This thick, creamy, coating is called the Vernix Caseosa (you’ll hear the phrase “#birthdayfrosting” thrown around a lot, but we much prefer its scientific moniker).

Vernix caseosa, also known as vernix, is the waxy white substance found coating the skin of newborn human babies. It is produced by dedicated cells and is thought to have some protective roles during fetal development and for a few hours after birth

Babies can be born with a lot or a little, and its main benefit is its antimicrobial properties, which act as a protective layer to help protect newborns from a variety of infections.

Vernix is also super moisturizing; so much so, that cosmetic + skincare companies are researching it to incorporate into products!

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Originally posted 2021-03-03 13:10:16.

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