Vaginal Birth Vs C Section Birth

Vaginal Birth Vs C Section Birth – Which Is Better?

Vaginal Birth Vs C Section Birth
What Is Better A Vaginal Birth Or Caesarean Section Birth?

So we think this is one of the most common set of questions we see surrounding birth!⁣

There is a WHOLE lot of talk about vaginal birth vs cesarean birth….which is safer, which do I choose?⁣ Swipe the images below to see a summary of the benefits and risks of each. Remember, Choose the option which is best for you and your personal circumstances.

Vaginal birth benefits:⁣

  • Faster recovery times.⁣
  • NOT having to go through major surgery⁣
  • Shorter hospital stay⁣
  • Less scarring and chance of infection.⁣
  • The possibility of having an easier time breastfeeding and providing skin to skin contact right away is higher (although you can do this when you have a c-section in most cases too!)⁣

Vaginal birth risks:⁣

  • A potential weakening of pelvic floor muscles causing pelvic organ prolapse or incontinence ⁣
  • A greater risk of birth injuries, such as fractures, shoulder dystocia, and oxygen deprivation.⁣
  • Tearing⁣
  • It’s typically more painful as baby is coming out of you ⁣

C section benefits:⁣

  • lower risk of birth injuries, such as fractures, oxygen deprivation, and shoulder dystocia.
  • Reduce pain during birth⁣
  • Minimize the risk of a pelvic floor disorder.⁣
  • No tearing.⁣
  • Potentially allow for a more convenient overall experience (you can usually schedule c-sections unless you have an emergency)⁣
  • Reduce the risk of urinary or fecal incontinence.⁣

C section risks:⁣

  • Increased blood loss, which may require a blood transfusion.⁣
  • Blood clot risk is higher⁣
  • Rates of neonatal and maternal death are higher in c-section births.⁣
  • Greater risk of respiratory problems in your infant⁣
  • Possible anesthetic reaction⁣
  • A greater amount of pain during healing (most women would say so)⁣
  • Longer healing time⁣
  • Risk of adhesions, which can cause later pregnancy complications such as placenta previa.⁣
  • It May make breastfeeding more difficult in the beginning (although still TOTALLY doable).⁣

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  1. I had an induced labor due to preeclampsia becoming too bad (protein in urine, blood pressure still high even on bed rest), the induction started on Monday morning and it ended in an emergency C-section earlyyy Wednesday morning. My son’s heart rate kept dropping with every contraction, my blood pressure was way too high, I developed a fever, and he passed his meconium. My OB did everything she could to get me a natural birth but it just wasn’t medically possible at that point. And I wouldn’t change A THING about having the C!! I was off the pain meds by the day I went home, not even Tylenol or ibuprofen, I was going up and down stairs just fine, and breastfeeding was only made difficult because of an undiagnosed lip & tongue tie that we resolved and we nursed until almost two years old! I understand that just having an elective surgery isn’t a good choice but sometimes it’s medically necessary and unavoidable 🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. My first born with a vaginal delivery and the recovery time was horrible. My second was an urgent C-section and recovery time was so much easier on me. So crazy!

  3. I did both (15 years difference), the natural birth was easy without any problem. The second birth was an emergency c-section after version… in both cases I got healthy beautiful babies and fast recovery. And really, I can’t choose what is the best for myself 😂
    Sure, for now I have very thin scar on my belly but that’s it what could reminds me about it.

  4. One more thing about a c section is the risk of a spinal headache from the anesthesiologist puncturing too far. This sucks.

  5. Do you have a post about VBACs? I just started following and I’m interested in having a vaginal birth for my next baby. C section recovery was difficult for me

  6. Oh man, wish I’d never read the cons of a cesarean 😭😭😭😭 unfortunately, I’ll never be able to have a vaginal birth.

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