Sometimes, The Combination Of Busy Or Boring Days, Lack Of Sleep, Tasks And Dema...

Top Tip – Have A Codeword For Your Breaking Point

Top Tip - Have A Codeword For Your Breaking Point - Parenting - 2024
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Top Tip – Sometimes, the combination of busy or boring days, lack of sleep, tasks and demands that require 24/7 attention or worry, can combine to put you at risk for blowing up at your partner in utter despair.

While asking for help is imperative, so is knowing the difference between, “can you come here when you get a second?” and “COME HERE NOW.”

Discuss this with your partner so you can come up with a codeword or phrase that can let each other know that you sense you are reaching a breaking point.

Do your best to identify when you feel you are starting to lose patience, or energy, or control. ❤️

Originally posted 2021-03-05 13:16:18.


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  1. put the baby in a safe place to whoever that is that you’re going outside and to keep an eye on the child sometimes all you need is a few minutes of calm and peace. Been there did that three times over to my babies were twins.

  2. I asked him one week ago if i can have half an hour for myself ( means not in the same room ) after lunch. He said yes, of course…..and i am still waiting for it 😒

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  4. I have that issue with my husband, but he does it unknowingly, he is more patient, slower and thinks the world doesn’t require big movements , on the other hand I am the one that moves faster thinks 5 steps ahead , so when I call him he thinks is ok to finish putting away what ever he was doing or check his phone by the time he gets there either it has already happened or I already fixed it. Men don’t read minds, and we are so different but that is the beauty of team work we balance each other out

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