What Are Your Weird Tips For Pumping? - I'Ve Found Putting Something About 3 Inches Thick Between My Boobs Gets Me About An Extra 2Oz A Session

Top Tip To Increase Output When Breast Pumping

Top Tip To Increase Output When Breast Pumping - Parenting - 2023

An odd but effective tip when breast pumping. Put something about 3 inches thick between your boobs to get up to an extra 2oz a session. A strange concept but it works!

What are your own tips? Share them in our comments below.

Originally posted 2021-03-09 09:16:40.


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  1. After having a bleb on my left nipple early on, I got a pair of warming and vibrating massager things that I can just put in my pumping bra. Targeted ads, lol. They’re from La Vie and they recharge via USB.

    That bleb hurt so fucking bad and I’m determined not to get another. So far so good though!

  2. My husband has big hands and he can encircle my boob. He will do a slow, firm stretching compression down the length of my boob and feel for hard/thicker spots. He then rubs those.

    He gets to touch my boobs and I get pumping completed.

    Also, when you wake up in the middle of the night and you can’t figure out where the wet spots are coming from, it’s your boobs leaking. Grab a haakaa and do a stretching massage. That milk is good for a few hours sitting out – great way to top off bottles that might be a little short.

  3. I just squish mine with my arms. Or lean forward and squash them against my mum tum. Yeah I have big saggy boobs. Even using my phone is enough to squish them together from the sides.

  4. Put baby socks over the collection bottles while you pump. I have a hard time not watching every drop and that stresses me out. So when I can’t see what’s going in I get more because I’m not stressed.

  5. So just I understand for my next pump, you place that in the middle and then press your boobs together by hand on the sides while pumping? I’m massaging both as I’m hooked up to the pump and it’s exhausting!

  6. I found that if I pushed breast tissue I would get more. For example, higher up on my chest than you would think had breast tissue, into my arm pits, etc.

    EDIT: To be clear, I pushed on the duct in my armpit and milk came out of my nipple, not my armpit. LOL.

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