Top 10 Prenatal Stretches | Pregnancy Stretching Routine

Learn the Top 10 Prenatal Stretches. Relaxing and highly effective stretches to increase flexibility, prevent lower back pain, open up the pelvis, reduce sciatica caused by pregnancy, ease round ligament pain, reduce leg cramps and help prepare your body for labor! This full length prenatal stretching routine is safe for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy.

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  1. I am currently 18 weeks along with our third little love! I found your videos during my last pregnancy and I think they are my favorite prenatal workouts because I find them the most challenging (yay!). Today I did your prenatal oblique, then the shoulder burn, the quick upper body arm burn and then this stretch was incredible to top it all off. Thanks for your awesome prenatal workouts to keep me strong!

  2. I just did this stretch routine again (11 weeks pp) and remembered that the last time I did it while pregnant, my 14 month old was refusing his nap in his crib so I brought him into the living room and set him up on the couch while I finished stretching. Shortly after doing this, I looked back and he was passed out!! The music and your voice were very calming to him! Loved doing it again!!

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