I Love My Kids. And I Love My 36 Seconds Of Chill Time Each Day

Toddlers Daily To Do List

Toddlers Daily To Do List - Parenting - 2024

Toddlers Daily To-Do List – Seems pretty accurate to be honest – Anyone able to relate? 😀

Originally posted 2021-02-23 15:53:25.


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  1. Also, reading the same books multiple times throughout the day… there’s only so many times I can read goodnight moon and “my first 100 words” without going completely insane.

    To add to 10: wanting to read 10 books at bedtime, all of which are the same ones you read 3 times earlier that day. You say “ok. The end. Now it’s bedtime!”… your toddler says no and asks for one more book. You say “no. It’s bedtime”… your toddler then throws a tantrum because they REALLY need to read Honey Bunny before they fall asleep. So you say “ok. One more book” and then end up reading 5 more

  2. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who loses my shit 😅 I find myself apologizing to my toddler soo often because I can’t keep it together. Lord help me when I have to stay at home with her all day

  3. Man there’s nothing more offensive then when the toddler suddenly becomes the rational person right as you lose your shit. Theyre like “wow mom, such an adult response” then after you calm down they go back to being psycho

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