Today’s Reminder:  ⁣
Nobody Knows That Baby Like You Do. No One Is Better Equipped To Make Decisions And Choices For That Sweet Little One Than You! ⁣
So, Research And Learn All You Can. 
Then, Tru...
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Today’s Reminder: ⁣Nobody knows that baby like YOU do.

Today’s Reminder: ⁣Nobody Knows That Baby Like You Do. - Parenting - 2023

⭐️ Today’s Reminder: ⭐️ ⁣

Nobody knows that baby like YOU do. No one is better equipped to make decisions and choices for that sweet little one than you! 💕⁣

So, research and learn all you can. Then, trust yourself. Make the choice that is right for your baby and your family.⁣

It’s okay to keep an open mind and truly learn from others, AND it’s equally okay to say, “Thank you so much for your advice, but this is what we’ve decided is best for us.” ⁣

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Have you had to deal with unsolicited advice?

How do you handle it? What tips can you share?

Originally posted 2020-12-16 20:16:07.


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  1. I hold all my babies, co-sleep, nurse for long, skip the paci and do many other “controversial” things. I guess everything is controversial when someone else does it differently. Just do what’s best for your baby and ignore all the voices.

  2. I breastfeed with no cover with my daughter. Bottle fed my son and always held both my kids. Fuck opinions, just do you boo

  3. All mothers need to hears this !!! First time to fourth time ( like myself). Do your best and support other mothers without judgements.

  4. I got the breast is best speech… I tried to but I dried up completely 😕 I fail my baby and I tried so hard I couldn’t keep up with his demand because he started to clusterfeed at a week old 🙁 but he is formula fed and healthy and im happy he is in good health

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