Hush Little Baby, Don'T You Cry...⁠
Who Can Relate To This One?! ⁠
What Is Your Go-To To Get Your Baby To Stop Crying? Share In The Comments Below!...
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Tips To Calm A Crying Baby

Tips To Calm A Crying Baby - Parenting - 2024

🎶Hush little baby, don’t you cry…🎶⁠ 😁

OK, perhaps this is a little tongue-on-chek but still… Pretty accurate I recon! 😊

What is your go-to to get your baby to stop crying?

Share in the comments below!

Originally posted 2020-12-01 20:36:20.


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  1. I hold her all day long and that’s the issue. But I feel like one day she won’t want me to hold her anymore and all I’ll have are memories 😫. So holding her it is 😁

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