How Can You Support Yourself As A New Mom After Birth? 

Many Moms Are Feeling T...
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Tips For Supporting Yourself After Giving Birth

Tips For Supporting Yourself After Giving Birth - Postpartum - 2023

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How can you support yourself as a new mom after birth? 🤱🏽

Many moms are feeling the support lacking right now, during these times of isolation. You may lack live-in help, have a working partner or maybe single-parenting. It can make things overwhelming!

Here’s what you can do to start!


If you know you won’t have much support once baby arrives, plan in advance. Little things can make a big difference in those first few days when you’ll be hungry or exhausted. Freeze meals, prepare for food deliveries, have baby clothes washed and diapers ready to go.


House a little messy? Can’t get to your to-do list now? It may be hard to see a pile of clothes staring at you, but save it for when you really can get to. Of if anyone offers help, let them handle it. It is not the priority when you’re just trying to survive the first week!


Your initial focus will be nourishing your body. Eat, sleep, and heal. Those really are the essentials. You need the physical energy to wake up, move and care for yourself + baby. Balancing it may be challenging as baby relies on you for it all, but you’ll learn to adjust: putting baby down for bathroom breaks, babywearing to eat etc. until you find a rhythm.


Our minds and thoughts have more power than we think. The way we speak to ourselves becomes a habit. If you’re filling your mind with negativity it will start to have an impact and can contribute to the baby blues or PPD. Practice simple things like reframing and positive affirmations. That doesn’t mean saying it’s easy when it’s not, but acknowledging your reality and adjusting how you perceive things to problem-solve. Mental strength & courage will be just as important as the physical one to get you through.

And of course, whenever possible reach out and seek additional help — just because you don’t have support around you, doesn’t mean you can’t look for it. Ask anyone who could be a fit, a neighbour, a relative, a specialist.

Do you have your own tips?

Share them with our other moms in the comments below.

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