Just Had A Baby? Your First Weeks Home With A New Baby Can Be Awkward And Scary. Take Your Time To Take Care Of Yourself And Baby And Heal Too. 
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Tips For New Moms Surviving The First Weeks

Tips For New Moms Surviving The First Weeks - Parenting - 2023

Just Had a Baby? Your first weeks home with a new baby can be awkward and scary. Take your time to take care of yourself and baby and heal too.

Get enough sleep. Yeah, right, you’re probably thinking. However, “the way to avoid sleep deprivation,” proposes Schmitt, “is to know the total amount of sleep you need per day and to get that sleep in bits and pieces. Go to bed earlier in the evening. When your baby naps, you must also nap.”

Take breaks. Take a walk, no matter how short; run your own errands, to get away. Of course, this involves asking your spouse, other family members or friends for help. If you have to, hire someone. Consider it money well-spent.

Get Dad into the picture. Allow him to care for the baby so that you get time alone. (You might even be able to enlist him, another relative or a friend to prepare a meal for you.)

Continue to eat properly, and keep taking your vitamins. accept that progress now is incremental. Break projects into smaller tasks. Wash a couple of dishes at a time if you have to.
Wear a snug-fitting, non-pendulous front baby carrier so you can work while holding Baby.

Being close to you is familiar; she’ll love the sounds and sensations and maybe even nap.

Delegate more. Enlist any and all visitors. Remember what they say: It takes a whole village to raise a child.

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