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Tips For Getting Out Of Bed When Pregnant

When your bump is growing even simple tasks that take minimal core strength can be tough. Modifying activity cannot only make moving easier but it can help you protect your core during pregnancy.

One thing that you should modify is how you get in and out of bed. When you just sit up people tend to use their superficial muscles, which places more pressure on the linea alba. (This is the connective tissue between the rectus abdominis that creates diastasis recti.)

Instead of using a sit-up maneuver to get out of bed 🙅‍♀️

Try this:
💁‍♀️Bend your knees
💁‍♀️ Roll over to your side
💁‍♀️ Drop your legs over the edge
💁‍♀️Scoot to edge of bed and put your feet on the floor (Use your elbow to help you move yourself)
💁‍♀️Go nose over toes, then use yours legs and arms to push you up to stand, instead of straining your abdominals.

Do the reverse to get into bed without straining your abdominals – lower down with your elbows, lie on your side, lift your legs up and then roll over.

During the initial healing phase (first 10 weeks) continue to do this, as your abdominals and pelvic floor heal and rehabilitate.

If you have your babe in tow: you can set baby down safely, stand up and then pick your babe up.
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