Tips For Choosing A Baby Monitor

Tips For Choosing A Baby Monitor

Modern parents now have the option of using baby monitors to listen to or even observe their babies from afar. Many parents believe that baby monitor provides peace of mind; as they allow you to move freely in your homes while closely monitoring their babies.

If you choose to use a baby monitor, you’ll find there are LOTS of options available to choose from. With this in mind, we’ve pulled together the following top tips which you may find useful.

What to look for when choosing a baby monitor

Wireless Connectivity Options

Analogue Baby Monitors

Baby monitors are only as good as the technology that makes them work so we suggest you take a look at the type of “wireless audio” options available to you when choosing your baby monitor.

Many monitors work on a 2.4 GHz wireless frequency. It’s effective, however, it is also shared with other devices in your home, and your neighbours’ (cordless phones, for example). Though generally a cheaper option, not only do you risk hearing what is happening in your neighbours’ homes, but neighbours who own a monitor or other device have an equal chance of hearing what is happening in the monitored rooms of your home.

Monitors with DECT technology use a separate 1.9 GHz frequency that can mean less background interference and greater privacy however it still isn’t as secure as the newer digital baby monitors that are available.

Digital Baby Monitors

Though more expensive, the sounds carried along the airwaves of a digital baby monitor are encrypted which means it is almost impossible for sounds to be picked up from your neighbour’s place and vice-versa.

Though generally a more expensive option than the analogue baby monitors available, as well as the improved security, you’ll also find that digital baby monitors come with the benefit of much clearer sound.

Video + Audio Baby Monitors

At the high end of your baby monitor options are the monitors that offer both video and audio monitoring.

These monitors come with a small camera and a microphone and when placed in your babies room, enable you to watch your baby as well as hear her.

Many cameras enable you to zoom in or tilt the camera using a touch screen with some offering night vision which guarantees a clear image even when the lighting is low (or off altogether).

When To Buy and Install Your Baby Monitor

We recommend that you install and test your baby monitor before your baby comes home.

Some baby monitors may experience interference based on background noise, how your home is built, or the range of your home wireless network, so give your monitor a good test run before you need it (and before you toss any receipts or packaging).

Baby Monitor Accessories

Think about what accessories and additional features you really want as this can add to the price.

Some of the additional features available include a portable receiver with a belt clip, 2-way radio and walkie-talkie type capabilities so you can speak to your baby.

A receiver that vibrates or turns on indicator lights when it picks up on sounds and the ability to purchase multiple portable receivers that can link into or connect to a single base unit is also available,

Remember your baby still needs you!

Remember though, nothing substitutes for the real thing. 🤗 Never let the baby monitor replace practical safety. No matter how many bells and whistles a baby monitor comes with, it can never replace the eyes and ears of a parent or caregiver.

There is no evidence that using a monitor that tracks your babies movements will decrease the chance of Sudden Death Infant Syndrome (SIDS) as an example.

Do you have your own tips to consider when purchasing a baby monitor?

Let us know in our comments below.

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