Do You Talk With Your Baby?⁣
80% Of Your Baby’s Brain Development Happens During Their First Three Years.
Talking With Your Baby Helps To Build ...
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Tips For ⁣⁣Talking With Your Baby

Tips For ⁣⁣Talking With Your Baby - Parenting - 2024

Do you talk with your baby?🗣👶⁣
🧠 80% of your baby’s brain development happens during their first three years.
🙆‍♀️ Talking with your baby helps to build your baby’s language skills and social development.
📚 Research shows that baby’s that have conversations will be exposed to more words by age 2, than those that don’t.

Tips to follow when talking with your baby

🔄 Take turns. After you say something, pause and let your baby respond. As your baby gets older their response will change from looking at you in response, to kicking, smiling, babbling, and then using words ⁣⁣to respond.
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😃 Be expressive. You can smile, open your eyes wider, move your eyebrows, and more!

👀 Look your baby in their eyes when having conversation with them. They will look at you in return & watch your face as you speak. When you stop speaking they learn it is their turn to respond.

🙆‍♀️ Talk to them while they play. Talk about what they’re playing, seeing, or doing.

📌 Research has found that the quality of the conversation, taking turns & maintaining eye contact, is important. So if it feels strange to spend all day talking to your little one, it’s okay to take it day by day & focus on the quality of the conversation.

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What do you talk with your little one about & how they respond?

Let us know in our comments below.

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  1. I miss having a baby to talk to! I loved it. 😊 I still obv talk to my kids but it’s def not as fun when they’re tweens! 😂

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