Thoughts On This? As Our Little Nears 12 Months, We Hope To Transition From Formula To Whole Milk. Is Supplementing With This Pictured Beneficial? Any Opinions? Thank You!
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Thoughts on Toddler Milk?

Thoughts On Toddler Milk? - Parenting - 2023

Hey Moms, We’d be interested to get your thoughts on ‘Toddler Milk’

As some babies near 12 months old, moms currently bottle feeding may hope to transition from formula to whole milk or one of the recently marketed ‘Toddler Milks’

Is supplementing with toddler Milk like the one pictured beneficial?

What are your thoughts?

Let us know in our comments below.

Originally posted 2021-01-04 04:06:28.


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  1. We used it because lo was such a picky eater. We loved it and his iron levels were great at his 18 month visit which I attribute to the “toddler chow”. The only caveat is that it is not worth full price and we made sure to buy it on sale.

  2. Our doctor told us that toddler formula is just a money grab. Focus on a well rounded diet, and baby will get all they need to grow. If your child has trouble eating, consult with your doctor and see if they recommend toddler formula to help fill the gaps.

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