This Is Not What You Had Planned.  This Is Not What You'D Envisioned. There Are ...

This is not what you had planned. This is not what you’d envisioned

This Is Not What You Had Planned. This Is Not What You'D Envisioned - Postpartum - 2024
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Artist and teacher Catie Atkinson at Spirit y Sol recently shared a beautiful drawing of a new mom crying on a couch—leaking breasts, newborn baby, a pile of laundry and what we can only assume is cold coffee, included.

She Wrote

This is not what you had planned. This is not what you’d envisioned. There are no visits from friends, no loving doula bringing you soup, no “mommy and me” yoga classes, no coffee dates, no stroller walks through the park. There is empty space where you had planned comfort and company. There are long days with no one but your little one to talk to and this big transition to navigate all alone.⠀

I know it’s lonely, mama. I know the walls of your house feel tight and the days feel so long, and you crave a warm hand on your knee and the soft embrace of a friend. You wish for someone by your side to marvel at this beautiful baby of yours and to wrap an arm around you when the feelings get too big and scary.⠀

We were never meant to do this alone. Motherhood has never been a solitary sport. And yet here we are, in this odd chapter of isolation and distance, with no choice but to do it by ourselves.⠀

But mama, know this- We are alone. Together. You are surrounded by all the other mothers who are navigating this tender time in isolation. You are held by all of us who have walked the path before you and who know how much you must be hurting. You are wrapped in the warm embrace of mama earth, as she too settles into this time of slowness and healing.⠀

This too shall pass. And when it does, hugs and coffee dates and visits from friends will taste so much sweeter. Soft kisses on your cheek and arms around your waist and gentle laughter in your ear will be the joyful medicine after this trying time.⠀

Until then, hunker down mama. Find the coziest, warmest spot on your couch, sink into the pile of unfolded laundry, and sleep the Spring away, with that sweet warm babe on your chest.⠀

So beautiful, can any of our new moms relate?

Let us know in our comments below.

Originally posted 2021-03-04 13:47:00.


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  1. So relatable! But I am grateful for having my husband and Mom beside me in these tough times. Unfortunately for my Mom though, she got stuck at our place because our country closed the border to anyone coming from outside. Good for me though

  2. I feel the same way..motherhood has been very lonely for me since i was the first to have a baby in the bunch and everyone moved on. I do miss my freedom but i feel like my life desires are deeply buried. I feel a burden. Travelling isnt even easy with children so to go out is just hard work in general. I dont even know what i want anymore…

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