I Always Found It Strange That Something Like Meal Refusal Would Make Me So Upset. Some Of These Examples Can Make Us Feel Like We’re Doing Something Wrong. They Can Bring On Feelings Of Defeat.⁠
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Things That Might Put You Over The Edge As A Parent

Things That Might Put You Over The Edge As A Parent - Parenting - 2023

I always found it strange that something like meal refusal would make me so upset. Some of these examples can make us feel like we’re doing something wrong. They can bring on feelings of defeat.⁠

What I find is that so much of what sets us off, or brings up disappointment, is rooted in some kind of expectation. It’s not just that we have unmet needs, we also have expectations of how these needs would be met.⁠

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What were some unexpected situations in motherhood that sent you over the edge? Did something surprise you? Share in our comments below.

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  1. Husband nagging for affection after months of parenting 2 under 2 with no support or days off, then saying I “hate him” when I say I’ve got nothing left in the tank right now

  2. Being the preferred parent drives me nuts. And almost all the time. It’s insane how much I crave a break from my child with being the stay at home parent, and I’m sure my husband would enjoy getting all the attention from our daughter. Especially since he wanted a “Daddy’s girl” from the day we found out her gender. She’s almost three now and is finally starting to reach out just a little bit more to him.

  3. Potty training today… pooped undies for the 4th day in a row… she knows how to go on the toilet, so this was just over the top for me today

  4. Meal refusal, kids refusing almost every meal you put on their table. The most difficult part is not being able to figure out the exact meal they prefer or just sticking to a particular meal every time😅…

  5. A messy house really stresses me out, i have tried to embrace it. My children have their own chores but it still seems to be a mess 🤣

  6. These used to put me as well, but that is so unnecessary. The problem is that we want our child to behave certain way and the way we planned to 😂Nothings in life happens that way. I do not say you do not feed the child, but do not get cough up in anger if he/she refuses. It’s normal, and they will react better if parents are calm and in peace. 💕

  7. I feel overstimulated constant nipple grabbing by my two year old. I understand it gives him comfort but it actually hurts me. I’m so over it.

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