Thighs &Amp; Booty: 2Nd &Amp; 3Rd Trimester - Third Trimester Workouts Videos - 2023

Thighs & Booty: 2nd & 3rd Trimester

Thighs & Booty Workout: 2nd & 3rd Trimester


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  1. hiiii i have no idea if you are still active. I just came across this video and i know it is an old one , but I am currently 16 weeks prego and dreading the way that my body looks . iv worked out before but its been a while . my butt and thighs are big ( they touch ) I was 200lb before pregnancy ( the weight is in my lower body ) and hated it and I am about 207 right now . I dont want to have a bunch of weight to loose when Im done with this one! I want to come out of this at least with some nice thighs and a nice butt for once , good looking arms that arnt flabby . This workout was great , it let m know how much work I need to do . I really hope you reply and can give me some tips! . this is my 2nd btw :)is yoga also a great toner?

  2. Didn’t workout my first trimester due to morning sickness and being dizzy but started again in my second and boy oh boy did that burn. Girl I’m only 19 weeks and that was intense lol I’m like damn she’s strong! I lost most my muscle unfortunately but I love ur workouts deff challenging. Happy I finished it lol my legs are shaking

  3. Wow this is so hard but also a great challenge! Thank you so much! Just did this workout after your prental booty lift as pelvic girdle pain prevents me from doing the exercises in your low impact thigh and booty video (following your amazing weekly schedule and currently at week 28). I can't do the holding exercises for longer than a few seconds so thank you for giving me an area to improve on!! You have made an immense positive impact to keeping me fit, happy, and healthy during my 3rd pregnancy! Xxx

  4. Hi. I'm 26th weeks pregnant,and i wanted to try out this exercises for the first time. I haven't been active before, so can I do this or I should start with some other exercises? Thanks a lot.

  5. You are an amazing, beautiful beast! I can't believe how incredibly strong you are. Thank you for these amazing workouts that challenge me and make me sweat! I have always formulated my own workouts and I teach yoga – but being pregnant has made it harder for me to find motivation and I really wanted challenging workouts that didn't take hours. Ps: I made my gym rat husband (that hates legs) do one of your prenatal leg workouts with me and he was complaining, haha! You rock!

  6. I am loving your workouts. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into this prenatal program. Thank you. Do you mind sharing where you got your maternity shorts from? I think they are really cute. Do you have a favorite store/brand of workout maternity clothes?

  7. Waow Ashley, another brilliant work out! Really appreciating your channel – I’m half way through my first pregnancy and I am so delighted to have discovered you! Thank you for your hard work.

  8. I have to say, thank you for all your great workouts! One difficulty I'm having though, is that I feel my quads a lot. I'm worried that on the squats, particularly the ones around 2-3 minutes in the video, my quads take over and my glutes are asleep. Any tips please? By the way, it's Leonard's wife Antonia here, haha, just to clarify 😉

  9. Is this a good workout to help with childbirth and labor?
    I’m a first time mom and I’m scared of not being able to push baby out. Would this help me to be able to deliver??

  10. I am 23 weeks pregnant and really enjoying following your prenatal workout calendar. I was wondering if you had some ideas for the days that call for "steady state cardio". I'm drawing a blank other than walking/jogging, which is getting harder and harder for me. Plus, it is winter right now and hard to get outside with a toddler. Thanks for all the great workouts.

  11. I've been doing the glowbody prenatal PT since week 12 and I found this the hardest one so far! Feeling so good to have got through it but I didn't manage the isometric holds as long as the video. Need to try this again sometime!

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