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There are no rules that say socks must be worn right side out.

There Are No Rules That Say Socks Must Be Worn Right Side Out. - Parenting - 2022📷 credit @anxiousmoms on Instagram

There are no rules that say socks must be worn right side out.

Originally posted 2021-03-03 12:36:02.

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I wonder if my social security number was on anything?


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  1. I do this for my 7 year old. The seam always hurts her little toes and seamless socks are apparently a hot commodity 😂 inside out it is!

  2. Sock seams and wearing pants gives my daughter anxiety. She hates the feeling on her ankles so she just wears dresses all day and I think she is brilliant 😂

  3. I have worn mine inside out since grade school! Used to have mega meltdowns over seams in socks. Glad to see it’s becoming all the rage with this generation 😂

  4. Now only if there was a waterproof sock that didn’t catch every little spill or ice cube that melted in the floor.

  5. I love an out-of-the-box thinker… especially when they don’t even realize it’s out-of-the-box. You have a kid who finds solutions instead of complaining… that is AWESOME! 🙌🏼

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