“There Are Good Days &Amp; Bad Days. Highs &Amp; Lows. The Place We Are All In Is Just H...

“There are good days & bad days. Highs & lows. The place we are all in is just h…

“There Are Good Days &Amp; Bad Days. Highs &Amp; Lows. The Place We Are All In Is Just H... - Pregnancy - 2023

“There are good days & bad days. Highs & lows. The place we are all in is just hard and we are human just trying to figure it out day by day. One minute I feel productive & like super mom and the next I feel like I’m failing at it all.
Today was a low- a valley kinda day. My kids are normally pretty great and well behaved (for what you can expect from a 4 and 1-year-old whose mom is also juggling working full-time). The moment I get on a conference call, it’s like the diversion of my attention away from them sets them off. A flip of the switch kind of moment.
They don’t understand being asked to be quiet for 30 minutes so mommy can talk or listen. Or to stay out of the trash can. Or to not ask me for a snack for the 50th time. Or too sit still or share. Today I hung up from a call, closed my computer next to the untouched and slightly cold coffee they spilled all over the counter, shouted at the top of my lungs in frustration and just sat in the kitchen floor and sobbed. And my kids got to bear witness to it.
I documented this because I want to remember the valley as much as I remember the mountain. Because both are what shapes us. And because life isn’t all cupcakes and rainbows. Some days I feel confident and accomplished and other days I just hope I loved well & hard enough. The good thing is, these babies are resilient and forgiving. And despite the moments where I am lacking attention or patience, I am still their favorite person.
They knew my frustration was directed to them and they both cried and came directly to hug me. They held me. And Lane kept apologizing for making me sad. Not my proudest moment as a mama but it was a raw one. And so we sat in the floor and hugged and I apologized and got up and tried again and for today, that is enough. Sending huge hugs to all you mamas in both your highs & lows. And while they all matter greatly, they all shall pass, too. Here’s to doing our best & here’s to grace.”
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  1. And in case someone would snap at me, I had been there, I was once a kid who witnessed my mom breaking down and getting all so emotional in front of me. Now what happened? I don’t have a good relationship with her which really saddens me to this day. And I had become a people-pleaser cos I don’t want anyone to feel bad by anything that I do. And it’s just one of the negative effects it had on me. But I gradually taught myself how to adapt to society without overly pleasing others and ultimately living my life as normally as I should for goodness’ sake. So take it from someone who was once that kid in the photo. So please, if you’re that kind of parent, stop doing this. Your kids don’t deserve to feel that; don’t trample on their innocence.

  2. The first time I saw this post somewhere else and now has been shared by lots of mom/pregnant mom accounts, I can’t help but think, where is the good in this? Little kids seeing their parents breaking down like this takes a toll on them and whether we like it or not, it creates a negative psychological effect on them. How could you know that they’re ‘gonna be ok’ after what happened? They will carry this memory until they’re grown-ups and little did parents know it has affected their perception and idea of a parent in a bad way. Sure they might look ok for now but this affects children over time. Not shaming or condemning the mom in the photo but there really are good and bad things that parents unknowingly impart to their children and it’s high time that parents should be aware of them. So for me, this is not good. Not at all 🙅🏼‍♀️

  3. Been.right.there. Thankful for this beautiful, transPARENT photograph which should make the cover of Time Magazine. It is real life. #timemagazine #timemagazinecover

  4. انت أم رائعه وجيد جدا أن ايضآ أم لخمسه اطفال ونفس الأم والشعور احسه ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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