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The Glamour Of Pregnancy

The Glamour Of Pregnancy - Infographic - 2024
Image Credit – @Bumptobabyacademy On Instagram


Not all of us will glow at least not all the time.

Not all of us will have the best ever hair during pregnancy and definitely, the often presented image of a perfect pregnancy is not the most common way that we actually feel and see ourselves at all times during pregnancy.

And you know what? That’s ok!

We are already doing the most incredible thing, growing a little human.

You are amazing even if you don’t always feel that way!

How do you see yourself during pregnancy?

Let us know in our comments below

Originally posted 2021-02-15 15:41:41.


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  1. Honestly I hated how I looked before pregnanacy I’d tell my husband I hated my stomach if we were able to get pregnant I wouldn’t care if I had a belly on me because I’d be growing another life inside me and seriously I’m so happy to be 29 weeks pregnant!

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