The Beauty Of The Newborn - Pregnancy - 2024


The Beauty Of The Newborn - Pregnancy - 2024


😍 I have to admit that I have never seen a newborn who wasn’t beautiful!

♥️These new creatures, some of them full of hair, more or less covered in vernix, some of them with some bruises or funny shapes of head, some of them looking like old women or men , are all so incredible and went through so much during birth, that even if they might look much cuter a few days or weeks later… they are still so precious at the very first moment !!!
Check out the stories to know more about some features of newborns 😍!

Let’s be honest…

⁉️ What was your first impression of your newborn?

⁉️ Have someone ever send you a picture of her beautiful newborn and you thought… ok… it’s cute but beautiful?? 🤣

Fantastic drawing by @beckybarnicomics ⭐️

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  1. I thought she was most beautiful. But now I look back just as the sketch shows and I think how skinny she was. She’s grown into her looks even more. How can they change so much in 6 months?!?

  2. I actually thought my newborn baby was “cute” for a newborn. It wasn’t until I looked back at her pictures (she’s now 4mths old) did I realize she really wasn’t that cute. 🤣🤣 She was wrinkled and look like an old lady. She is sooo beautiful now. 😍😍

  3. My first baby was absolutely beautiful!!!! 😍😍😍 so tiny! With huge open 👀 eyes! My second baby.. I found it beautiful, but my hubby didn’t 😂😂😂, he said he was a bit ugly… Funny that everybody said that my second baby (my son) looked exactly like his father 😂😂😂😂.
    My third baby was very beautiful after birth, but if I’m honest… when now I check the first weeks photos and I compared to now… she is absolutely much more beautiful right now!

  4. I was shocked about the size and shape of his head 😄 he already had a big had and was an attempted vacuum and ended up being a forceps delivery, so his head was suuuper big and cone shaped 🙈😂

  5. I will never forget when my sister saw her first baby! She told us, I have never seen an ugliest baby in my life 😱, I thought… wow, that’s true 😆😆😆. Now she is absolutely beautiful (11 years old)

  6. When I was first born my mother obviously thought I was beautiful and my father called my hideous 😭🤣 which was true.. looking at my own newborn baby pictures – I was ugly!!

  7. Awwee, I haven’t seen my babies face yet because my placenta is covering him. It just looks like mush on the 3D ultrasounds lol but I’ll love him either way cause I was a hideous baby 😂

  8. My baby girl came out beautiful .. light skin with blonde hair just like her daddy .. now I question if she’s even mine 😂😂

  9. Noo my baby came straight out beautiful frfr😍😍!! Even if she wasn’t mine I’d still think that😭I’d never seen a pretty newborn until her lol literally every body who saw her would talk about how gorgeous she was n she jus keeps getting better

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