Taking a moment to celebrate the life-giver’s body, and her stunning battle scars. . ….

Taking A Moment To Celebrate The Life-Giver’s Body, And Her Stunning Battle Scars.
. .... - Pregnancy - 2022

Taking a moment to celebrate the life-giver’s body, and her stunning battle scars.
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Originally posted 2021-03-03 07:00:25.

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  1. Wen ich sowss sehe muss ich mir überlegen ob ich wirklich ein Kind bekommen möchte und die Antwort lautet LASS MAL LIEBER adoptiere mir ein Kind anstatt mir und mein Körper meiner Haut und Gesundheit zu schädigen kind ist kind warum nicht adoptieren

  2. The intentions are there of how wonderful is to be a mother, for me just the belly is perfect but my private?!Weird……🤔🤔 I won’t have my vagina hanging as a piece of art …hell no!

  3. Hmm..I think being pregnant is a beautiful thing but plz, this looks a mother of 2 kids..let’s not go overboard plz

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Birth may seem scary, but I promise it is a journey that makes you stronger and empowered as a woman!