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Stretch marks! Yes, I have them!

Stretch Marks! Yes, I Have Them! - Pregnancy - 2021

Oooh, stretch marks! “Yes, I have them! I can remember when I saw my first stretch mark…
It was before any of my pregnancies! I was actually in college 🙈 (I was a late bloomer and experienced a growth spurt when I was 19!)
I noticed new stretch marks on my legs when I was pregnant with Rosie. I was stretching after I work out looking in the mirror and I thought I saw little scratches on my legs. It turns out they were not scratches but stretch marks. 😳
A couple of things to keep in mind for you pregnant mamas

1. Stretch marks should not be feared! It’s totally normal. I know it can be frustrating seeing these changes in your body, but trust me when I say that your baby is so worth it!

2. Sometimes avoiding them is inevitable. Yes, cocoa butter & lotions are great for hydrating your skin, but the tendency for stretch marks has a genetic component and you can’t rely on lotions to prevent them.

3. Stretch marks might be out of your control but you can mitigate/lessen the severity of them! 👏🏼 A healthy diet rich in antioxidants & collagen-boosting foods can improve the overall quality of your skin 👍🏼 Some of my favourites: watermelon, coconut oil, berries, peaches, carrots, tomatoes, spinach & broccoli!”

Photo @kimperryco on Instagram

Did you get stretch marks?! We’re you surprised where they showed up?

Let us know in our comments below.

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  1. So true. My first pregnancy atm and i saw stretch marks on my sides and hips purple. Got scared thinking i got bruises and Internet said im dying lmao. Turns out they were stretch marks. Hoepfully thyl lighten snd fade over time.

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