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Strengthen the deep core during Pregnancy

Strengthen The Deep Core During Pregnancy - Pregnancy - 2023Strengthen The Deep Core During Pregnancy - Pregnancy - 2023Strengthen The Deep Core During Pregnancy - Pregnancy - 2023

Birth prep 😎 “ I filmed these birth prep at 36 weeks pregnant, and started incorporating them into my cool downs (along with pelvic floor relaxing) from 35 weeks on 🤰🏻

During pregnancy, we want to strengthen the deep core (particularly the pelvic floor) to keep our body supported ✔️, reduce aches and pains✔️, reduce abdominal separation✔️, strengthen core’s connective tissue✔️, and prevent incontinence✔️.

💥HOWEVER, from around 35 weeks on, i strongly advise to ONLY engage the transverse abdominals (TVA) during workouts, and keep the pelvic floor relaxed and open. Check my IGTV on this, but on the exhale, you only need to engage the TVA while the pelvic floor stays neutral.

It feels weird at first, because you’ve probably done so much work to engage them both at the same time, but keep practicing because this is what you’ll do when you push during labour!

We use our TVA to push the baby down and out, but we also want to keep the pelvic floor relaxed and open for baby to descend. Being able to do that, and practicing beforehand, majorly reduces tearing (if not completely), helps you push more effectively, and puts less stress on mama and baby.

Sunny’s delivery was night and day difference from Piper and Jack’s. Yes, labours are usually faster with each baby, but I felt SO in control of my body and felt like I was actually working WITH it. I attribute sooo much of that to this birth prep.

These moves help align the uterus, open the pelvis and help baby get into position, relax the pelvic floor, and help you still train the transverse abdominals! try 6-8 reps of each!”

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