There Are Some Aspects Of Postpartum Recovery You Are Probably (Vaguely) Ready For -- The Bleeding, The Exhaustion, The Soreness. But There Are Actual...
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Eight Strange Symptoms After Giving Birth

Eight Strange Symptoms After Giving Birth - Postpartum - 2023

There are some aspects of postpartum recovery you are probably (vaguely) ready for — the bleeding, the exhaustion, the soreness. But there are actually some pretty weird postpartum symptoms that might not be on your radar.⁣

Most of the time, these are either related to postpartum bleeding, or a change in hormones. But, if you’ve never had a baby before, they can definitely take you by surprise!⁣

So, here’s a list of strange postpartum symptoms for you to be on the look out for, or reference should you find yourself suddenly chilled, sweating buckets, or anything else in between!⁣

1. Chills⁣
2. Night Sweats⁣
3. Heart palpitations⁣
4. Hair loss⁣
5. Weird Bleeding Smell⁣
6. Constipation⁣
7. Gas Bubbles / Gas Pain⁣
8. Perineal / rectum pain⁣

Bonus: Postpartum itching.⁣ @juna.moms

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  1. I appreciate this post! I’m 10 days pp and have been having night sweats and now chills today, i was starting to worry I was getting sick. How much would that suck!

  2. Had the hair loss and the weird bleeding smell…these went away about 2 or so months after giving birth…maybe a bit sooner..thank God!

  3. I had uncontrollable chills and heart palpitations one my first day home, and turned out I caught sepsis. Had to be rushed to the hospital by ambulance. I attended birth class and they taught a lot of what might go wrong during birth, but there was nothing about complications and life threatening symptoms after the birth. My midwife at the hospital discharged me with a mild fever saying it was ok and normal. And the paramedics thought I had a panic attack and did not think of possible blood poisoning. I hope more people know about the possibility of septicaemia and how this can turn fatal 🙁

  4. Let’s not mention the feeling of the uterus shrinking. 😂 I think above all of these, that was by far the strangest feeling.

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