Strange But Interesting Facts About Newborn Babies

New Born Baby Facts
New Born Baby Facts
How Many Of These New Born Baby Facts Did You Know?

Did you know these strange, but true things about newborns?? 🤓

Sometimes those little nuances that baffle us are completely normal and made for a reason. 🙌

As a new mom, I remember wondering how baby knew instinctively to suck – suck his thumbs, hands, or root lips. It was as though he was doing it in the womb for months!💡(True indeed😅!!)

In fact, there are numerous things that babies are born with or made to do that may surprise you.

New Born Baby Facts

Did you know newborn babies…

🌟 Are near-sighted (to focus on you dear mama)
🌟 Cry (a lot) but do not shed tears initially
🌟 Lose weight after birth as they learn to breastfeed and latch properly
🌟 Are born with extra bones that later harden and fuse to fit through the birth canal (about 300 while adults have 206)
🌟 Are fast/learners, taking in and adjusting from experiences (at a pretty genius-rate)
🌟 Are born with the ability to swim (thank you womb 🙌)
🌟 Know who YOU are based on scent, sound and the love he’s been learning for the past nine months ❤️

So incredibly interesting and eye-opening!!

Anything you learned about your newborn that surprised you? 👶

Originally posted 2021-03-30 07:10:48.

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  1. My older son had tears at the age of 1 day. His sisters and little brother didn’t have.