Something Worth Hearing After Sleepless Night(S) With Lo

Something worth hearing after sleepless nights

Jessica Urlichs is the author of an amazing book called “All I see in you”. Her book captures the heartfelt and honest moments of motherhood through a series of poems and proses that will take mothers on a journey of healing and growth with a powerful affirmation that they are not alone.

Jessica is also a Tik toker and she shared this beautiful video some time ago on her Tiktok account ‘jessicaurlichs’ which we’re sharing here for you guys.

This is an important video for all women experiencing early motherhood to see. What resonates with me in this video is the takeaway that WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS AMAZING. 🤗

You may be so SOOOO tired and worried that the decisions you make now (as it’s just the easy thing to do) are serving as the foundations for poor habits in the future. 🤔

Just remember this though. When it comes to these sleepless nights and these hard times. Nothing is forever!

The memories you are making with your little one, however, will be. 🥰💕

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  1. My sweet baby girl spiked a fever this morning at 5:30am after getting vaccinated yesterday (tylenol finally wore off I guess…) so I’ve been up since then. She’s currently sleeping in the carrier and I’m just praying she’ll eat once she eventually wakes up.

    It’s hard when the lines between you and someone else becomes so blurred that you’re basically one person. Hard but totally worth it.

  2. Read her poems! Each one makes you have all the feels— she’s an amazing writer. Bought her book & it’s such a great reminder of the ups and downs of parenting.

  3. This really hurts, made me cry.
    I had the exact same thought today. She’s going through a rough regression and I’m finding myself holding her more often (even though they don’t work half the time, she still resists). Worried about creating bad habits… But the weight of your baby on your shoulder or arms when they finally fall asleep is so precious.

  4. This made me feel all the feels. I don’t know why as parents (moms especially) we’re shamed so much for comforting our babies to sleep. It won’t be forever, we won’t be bouncing or stroking their hair when they are 17. Even when I’m exhausted and it’s 4am, I try to savor the moments because they will be gone as quickly as they came and I won’t be “that safe place” anymore.

    Edit: words

  5. My 10 month old is congested and I stayed up alllll night last night rocking her on my chest and comforting her when she woke up every single hour. Right now, she’s napping in my arms. I really needed to see this today.

  6. I just don’t know what to do with my life. Being a full-time mom with a full-time job trying to provide for my son but I get a cheating, jobless husband who’s daily routine is to play video games and sleep. I’m thinking about ending my life because i’m so tired mentally, physically, emotionally. But I really needed to see this today and remember that a little human is counting on me so bad.

  7. I absolutely needed to see this today

    I feel like I’m failing every one currently: my kids, myself, my career. As a current full-time mom working full-time from home, I am burning both ends of the candle and I am quickly nearing the end of my sanity. I couldn’t get my daughter to sleep last night and I was afraid of how manic I felt. I’ve really been trying to focus on the fact that it’s all temporary. The bad times and the good times.

  8. She’s the only baby “expert” I follow on IG b/c she’s simply a mom (read: an expert at her own kids, not someone who magically knows about all kids) who’s down-to-earth, writes beautifully, and with each post she describes motherhood perfectly.

    She’s written two books with stories and poems about being a mom and she’ll occasionally share tear-inducing excerpts from them.. She’s also very kind and responds to comments. Highly recommend!!

  9. My just-turned-one-yo started daycare a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been busy at work and hes busy being 1 and how I could snuggle him every day.

    I’m someone’s home? Well that hit very deep right in the feels. I’m going to hold on that forever. Excuse my while I cry for the rest of the afternoon.

  10. Annnnd I cried. My almost 6 month old is currently sleeping on the breastfeeding Boppy on my lap, using me as a pacifier after a nursing session 😭 I love this guy ♥️

  11. Currently rocking my little girl for her nap. I get criticized all the time for it by certain family members and I don’t understand why. It’s our special quiet time together and then she sleeps for awhile. I can just relax with some peace and quiet afterwards.

    I love my little stinker and I’ll never stop snuggling her as long as she wants me to.

  12. I’ve saved this. My LO has silent reflux and at 14w, we’re still sleeping in shifts with him on our chest.. I LOVE his snuggles but I’m so exhausted and I miss my husband. This is such a nice reminder of all the great things I’m getting too.

  13. As a person starting her recovery from birth PTSD, things like this remind me that the bond with my daughter really is there, and I *can* feel the feels instead of unbearable numbness.

    Thank you.
    I’m gonna go cry now.

  14. I needed this today. My 4mo old has been unable to sleep anywhere but held all of a sudden for the past 5 nights and nothing else soothes her. Just last week she was sleeping in her crib and soothing herself back to sleep at night. We haven’t changed anything so I know something is going on with her and she doesn’t feel good and she needs us. But I keep second guessing myself that we ruined her somehow and she will never be able to sleep without us again. I needed this reminder today.

  15. I love this! I know I cuddle my kiddo a lot. He’s 1.5 years old now and just loves a good snuggle session. I know one day, he’ll want to roll his eyes at me for wanting a hug and a kiss so I’m treasuring every hug and kiss he’s giving now. It’ll never feel like enough

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